ZoneAlarm Next Gen Antivirus 1 Year Free Trial

Get a free license of the next Gen Antivirus for 1 year. This secures your device with things such as antivirus. That prevents from data change into a code, so called encryption. In addition to this, it has web guard that prevents steal of sensitive data. That we know as phishing. This feature helps to avoid download of files that intend to harm. They all work in a next gen technology.

For your info, we like to let you know that someone who made Next Gen are not beyond our knowledge. The developers who made this seems well known to us from before. They had developed lots of products of check point security. The same guys worked on ZoneAlarm Antivirus, Firewall as well as extreme security. They build this thing in the engine of Kaspersky Lab. Now, it’s been on test for next gen security on new platforms.

Next Gen Antivirus 1 Year Free Trial Download

You can get started now with this Next Gen antivirus! The license period will be valid for 1 Year. During the free trial period, you will have access to all of the necessary features. The next gen antivirus features such as protection from file lock and antivirus. That also helps to keep up a secure online surfing situation. Thus, you will realize that your data and online activity will be safe from all kinds of threats.

So, we recommend you to download and install this Next Gen Antivirus. It must be simply because you won’t have to pay for it. The program comes with 1 Year pre-licensed so you can start using it on your pc. Overall, it you find a full safety of your device during this free trial period.

Note: Download link is available after a “Free Purchase” checkout using a link at the end of this post!

Terms of 1 Year Trial offer

You get a 1 Year free trial with free updates. That’s for your personal use during the license’s time. You also get free technical support. That you can reinstall and reactivate the program during the free trial period.

Next gen antivirus 1 year free trial
Next Gen Antivirus 1 Year Free Trial

The next Gen Antivirus looks more as the best security solution. That offers antivirus, encryption protection, web protection against phishing and malicious downloads.

ZoneAlarm Next Gen Antivirus 2021 Key Features

ZoneAlarm Next Gen Antivirus 2021 appears like the new Check Point platform. It includes Antivirus, Anti-Ransomware and Web Secure. They all protect against all types of online threats with a new check point platform. In conclusion, some of the key features in this 1 Year free trial are as follows:

  1. Antivirus

That protects against malware, viruses and the latest zero-day threats. It Includes the file reputation check and real time protection. They behave like the trust based live protection.

The behavioral guard blocks any possible harm to your PC. It removes threats before they enter into the system. That we so call as “prevention is better than cure”. It seems well made that can give security against the latest threats. That we know as blocker based on change in behavior.

2. Protection from Ransomware

The main purpose of it seems like a protection from file locking. That we call as ransomware. With the latest update, it can give you full protection from malware that locks our files. In addition to this, it reverts back the locking even after the malware takes over your files.

3. Web protection

It comes in a form of Chrome browser extension. That can protect you from online threats while you visit sites on the Internet.

  • Protects from phishing sites and emails that contain malware.
  • Blocks malicious content in the files that you download.
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