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Get a free license of Password Manager Pro by Efficient. It keeps your passwords in an easy to use manager that has many functions. Now, you can feel safe in regard to your sensitive info. They are all stored with secure encrypted vault.

It cost $35 for a license purchase. However, we have a promo offer providing it at free of cost. Now, you can get it without having to pay. But this seems like a limited time giveaway to hurry up now before it’s gone!

We see a lot of functions on password manager pro. As for example, you can set up a rule for locking. It can process two or more passwords at the same time. So, you don’t need to remember all the passwords of many sites. It will save over hundreds of online login details.

It will be a best choice to store all of your passwords in a secure way. You just need to remember one password for all access. The one password of this app will be more than just secure. That means that it uses so called SHA algorithm. In that way, it will keep your password database safe with 256-bit AES security.

We don’t see its functions stops right here. In this password manager pro, you can safely store your software keys. In addition to this, it will allow you to store your FTP account password as well as more other details. That includes text notes and things that you can attach to your posts. It seems very reliable that you can use it free for life time without having to pay.

Free Password Manager Pro

Now, you must be curious to get a password manager pro life time license in free of cost. So, to get it, you must follow our simple method and you will be ready to go.

At first, you need to download and install it on your computer. Note that it supports all major updates of Windows OS. You will have a choice of two files to download. One is the simple installer file while another one is portable.

Now, open the program and click on “register your license”. Therefore, it will be registered with a life time license that we provide you for a giveaway. In this way, you will have chance to update it to the latest version during the time you use it.

Note: License key data is available after a Free Purchase checkout using a link at the end of this post!

In addition to free offer, we have so terms of this giveaway. You well know that this is a life time license of password manager pro that you can get in free. However, it will be valid for 1 PC only. You should not use this software for business purpose. We do suggest you to try it for home use only! Lastly, you will not be able to get technical support in free of cost. That means Pro version of this program is free not the support.

This is our most efficient Password Manager. It seems to have lots of functions. That works well on Windows, Android, and iOS with an app or software.

So, you will have saving, accessing, using all of your password at all the time. It works in a way of secure data lock with password manager. Those will keep your passwords safe and you can group and search on database.

Efficient Password Manager Pro Key Features

Like we said earlier, the password manager pro by Efficient has lots of features. However, we do like to mention some of the key features in a point wise. Now, you have known that it will save your password, group them into categories. Also, you can attach something and add a text note on them.

It has been built with a password generator. That will create the strong passwords that you can use. So, your account will be safe from hacks. As we said earlier, your main account password will be safe on SHA. We all know that as far as most used secure encryption algorithm uses in this time. All of your stored passwords in the database itself will be safe at all the time. That must be because they use 256-bit AES encryption. We do know that as the best algorithm used now-a-days.

Over there, you can store software keys, FTP details, and more other info such as email account data. In this way, your password will be kept in a safe manner. That is to say that the built-in password generator helps to have a strong password. That you can remember one and forget the rest.

  • Uses top encryption method that keeps your passwords safe.
  • Auto backup and recovery for in case of loss.
  • A password maker that you can trust.
  • Advanced search.
  • View your passwords in more than one way.
  • Free apps for Android and iOS.
  • Sort passwords by group.
  • Add an attachment.
  • Read only mode.
  • Text Editor for keeping notes in a form of comments.
  • Match and update passwords between more than one device.
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