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Life Line Screening $149

$149 $298
Life Line Screening $149
Life Line Screening $149
Life Line Screening $149
$149 $298

Get Screened for Heart Disease and Stroke Risk. Life Line Screening has screened over 8 million people, using ultrasound technology to reveal dangerous plaque buildup or blockage, a major risk factor for stroke and heart disease. Screenings provide Peace of Mind or Early Detection Get Screening Package for only $149 worth it 50% savings.

Life Line Screening provides the best quality preventive screenings at low cost. Since 1993 its preventive health screening services are maintained to find out possible risks that can result heart disease, stroke, and other vital illnesses. They use 3 non-hostile ways to get you accurate lab results. They suggest you the things you can confirm with your doctor.

We have seen success stories & testimonials such as:

Even though I feel fine, I am at risk and wanted to get checked and be proactive about my health.

D. Whitehead, Georgia

The doctor said I was a “walking time bomb”. I know that the screening saved my life.

A. Bay, Tennessee

What’s included in Life Line Screening?

Life Line screening allows ultrasound evaluation or the carotid arteries. It shows up any fatty plaque buildup with the help of screening, the main cause of strokes. You can get up to 15 additional preventive screening options. However, to achieve that you must be 40 or above in age. It is believed to avoid concerned risk factors. The test completes in a matter of minutes and then you can sit comfortable and clothed.

The choices of EKG, Ultrasound, and blood tests can find out full risk factors. They also help to detect osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, and others. The screening is based on modern technology. Leading hospitals around us use the same type of technology as Life Line Screening. These health fit pro screening services keeps people clam as long as possible. They combine the tests results with the continuing medical treatment conducted by a doctor.

For Peripheral Arterial Disease screening they utilize ultrasound and blood pressure examination. It allows to outline arterial disease such as plaque build-up in the inferior edges. Ultrasound looks very useful to know the presence of an aneurysm increment in the front aorta. The condition can cause a burst in aortic artery.

A fast and convenient test with the help of EKG electrodes especially on arms on legs. It identifies irregular heartbeat during screening. Trial fibrillation grows the stroke risk by five times. An ultrasound goes from shin bone to irregular bone to find out depth of osteoporosis risk.

What is a Preventive Health Screening?

Preventive health screenings help people find out the risk of developing vital conditions before they see the symptoms. It will help doctors to take right action at the right time. Life line provides three types of accurate as well as noninvasive preventive health screenings. They all can find possible risk factors. These types of screening can prevent developing heart disease, stroke, artery disease, and many serious illnesses.

It utilizes trained technicians to use advanced expertise with 3 ways for fast, easy and painless screening practice. Ultrasound can investigate inside our body and displays a picture of area. A person involved lie down straight while a specialist rubs a sticky gel and passes sound waves. The sound ways return back with an image on the screen. It cannot be called an x-ray because it doesn’t have radiation. The method appears painless and you don’t need to remove your clothes.

In case of a blood test, they use finger stick with a needle to make very tiny wound on the fingertip. It allows a blood drop to squeeze out for study. They use a tiny box known as lancet that is about the size of an eraser. It contains a needle inside it. You will not notice the needle going inside your skin, but a little prick.

There appears as painless test known as Limited EKG, abbreviated as electrocardiogram. It measures electrical motion of your heartbeat. They place small gummy patches like electrodes on the skin. Then a computer generates a diagram of your heart beat in the form of waves. This process doesn’t hurt and you don’t need to takeout your clothes.

Are Preventive Health Screenings Right for You?

A Preventive health screening seem to be a best choice in Life line. It can analyze the risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, and other major conditions. It is a right choice for adults with and over 50 and 40 years of age. You can prevent risk factors such as type 2 diabetes, higher cholesterol, and blood pressure. Additionally, it helps to achieve weight loss, and check background of smoking, heart disease or stroke.

Some blood tests are good for youngsters. Life Line Screening offers health screenings as only part of health story. It needs to be included with the doctor’s care. Only doctors can help you understand entire health screening image. You can discuss today with a Preventive Health Adviser about right screenings for you!

Your letter contains detailed results of your screening tests. A highly skilled physician reviews it and sends you before twenty one days of screening. For extra copies, you need to send your contact details, name, and the screening date. You can send a personal check or printer order of payment of $15.00 to Life Line Screening.

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Life Line Screening can deliver excessive benefits for your body and mind. So, they’re dedicated to provide exact results and suggestions that could give you a better benefit in your daily life.

Screening Methods
Quick Results
Screening Variety
  • Prevents progressive disease by early detection.
  • Detect any serious conditions before started.
  • Enjoy your life with a peace of mind.
  • Affordable screenings with extra savings.
  • Permits screening without insurance coverage.
  • No coverage for asymptomatic screening by private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.
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