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Intelius People Search

Get the most accurate and updated information from billions of records! People search, reverse phone number lookup, criminal records, and background checks all in one stop at Intelius.

Intelius is the most secret way to look for people information. It also helps connect people and find the information that you seek. Intelius people search premier reports include phone numbers, actual age, date of birth, address. relatives, employment history and much more. The premier search contains the most accurate Individual’s information.

Intelius is a trustworthy People’s background search service. It allows people’s information access that you are looking for. Intelius leads the industry of public data history. However, Intelius People Search premier doesn’t allow user secret reveal because it is not an agency concerning it.

Intelius isn’t necessarily meant for providing data to examine one’s eligibility for credit, finance, jobs, and housing. It is out of any use enclosed by FCRA. You need to try some other way to gain legal reports bound by FCRA.

What is Intelius People Search Premier?

Intelius People Search Premier allows unlimited findings by name, phone number and email address. Its all in an instant result with an easy to understand profile format. Sometimes, it also allows you to purchase criminal record background checks and almost 50% discount. Premier service looks like a membership type with a monthly subscription-based fee.

Interested users can easily subscribe to Intelius People Search Premier service. But you need to accept a trial membership as well as your report purchase. In other case, users need accepting a special offer after purchasing a report.

With Intelius people search anybody can search for anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Premier service seems quite useful when people want privacy and confidentiality. People search Premier allows saving profiles and add notes. It looks easy when it permits people search for less than the cost of a personal background check. You can have unlimited search for all month with Premier service. Its easy to perform with a mobile app available for iOS and Android.

Premier is just a service of Intelius. However, it looks like a leader of Intelius People search. Until now, it has fulfilled about 50 Million reports to its customers. It has the industry best database backed by the best customer service.

What is Intelius Lookup?

Intelius Email Lookup is simply a way to find one’s email address that works by entering the people’s name and location. On the main screening, you need to type their first and last name including city or state. It will take only a few seconds to show you the results that you are looking for.

Intelius social network lookup report includes a person’s name, email address, location, social network ID and URLs. Remember that you can get those reports only if they exist on online social media.

Intelius provides a variety of reasons to find someone through the social network. You might be looking to reconnect with your old relatives or friends. It even gets useful to monitor your Kids social activity. You can get more information about a person that you seek. For overall information, you can always manage your time to search through each site. It also permits a manual site search.

It is also an easy way to find someone not in contact for a long time. You can find your old Friends, Relatives and business partner’s email address in a matter of seconds. Moreover, it provides you a full detail such as email, postal address and most recent location of a person.

Intelius property records search service, can find full details about the one’s property. It includes property value, ownership history, owner’s previous residency, their neighbor’s characteristics. You also have access to satellite images and local map.

Intelius 24 Hours Unlimited Reports

Now, you can find every people you want within 24 Hours from Unlimited People Search Reports. You can have it at a cost-effective and affordable price. The details that you search includes Full Name, Date of Birth, Phone number, Relatives, Ownership history. In addition, you can check background criminal history record (if any), Social Security Number and many more. The 24 hours pass allows finding details about any Individuals in this short period of time. So, make sure you feel free to go on before you purchase the 24 hours unlimited search pass.

You need to be sure that Intelius does not provide consumer reports because it is not a consumer reporting agency. In case you like to cancel your Intelius Premier membership you can do so from the Account tab. You will see a window asking you to confirm that you like to cancel your subscription. When you do so, another window will popup confirming your cancellation. For help and support you need to contact their customer service at business days from 7 AM to 4 PM Pacific time.

8.5 Total Score

Intelius People Search provides the most accurate and updated information from billions of records! People search, reverse phone number lookup, criminal records, and background checks all in one stop at Intelius.

Customer Service
  • Intelius provides the overall employment history.
  • Limitless Intelius People search for up to 24 hours.
  • The premier service is highly affordable in price.
  • A single Individual background search is a bit expensive.
  • Increased in popularity resulted lots of controversy and mixed opinion.
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