Survive Coronavirus Pandemic Guide

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18 Month Quarantine How Will You Survive? Why is this important? Quarantines and social distancing are used to slow the spread of extremely contagious diseases. Find out more on survive coronavirus pandemic guide. But before that you go on coronavirus outbreak survey. Answer the questions and help to keep a safe and healthy country during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please fully answer the survey and you could receive a $500 Amazon Gift Card!

Survive Coronavirus Pandemic Guide
Survive Coronavirus Pandemic Guide

$37.00 $0.00


Americans should know that this potentially a very serious public health threat. This is a very fast moving, constantly changing situation. Health professionals has now expanded screening at airports from 5 to 20 across the US. The coronavirus outbreak grows rapidly in China. The virus never before seen in human history is here and spreading fast. It must be infecting thousands by the day killing innocent men, women, and children in the most horrific way imaginable. It seems causing a way of panic, mayhem and death. In this situation, we have survive coronavirus pandemic guide for help.

The coronavirus looks like a lethal contagious virus since the bubonic plague. It could have the infection rate of 83% and killed rate estimated as high as 15%. Government around the world seems struggling to stop it. It’s so lethal that doctors and protecting gears would die within days of contact. Hospitals looks overwhelmed with dying patients. The Chinese government has already declared emergency quarantines in over 12 cities. They seem blocking down buses, trains, and exit routes. Their devices could track over 130 thousand people in an hour.

Why Do You need This Pandemic Guide?

Before we start, we like to let you know that this pandemic guide contains imaginary and controversial information. You may not have seen this before. If you trust other’s ability to handle this crisis completely, you don’t need this pandemic guide. However, you may believe that you may not be receiving all the facts about this crisis. You may feel concerned about how your guardian will respond. Now, when you feel ready to protect your family against a lethal threat, you need this pandemic guide.

When you value your life, you will stop everything else you are on. Then you start reading this until the vary end. You will be given for free, the secret that you need to protect you no matter bad the outbreak gets. You will be able to hear from a brave patriot. He is going to tell you about the things you should know.

They say that you may not have known much about the coronavirus. In their opinion, the truth must be that the coronavirus has just started. It could be on the way to our neighborhood. The only question you can think about what you will you do when it appears in our door step? Do you have a knowledge you need to be a hero of our family? Or, you wind up panic on your loved ones. So, you will find out to survive coronavirus pandemic guide that begins now.

How Deadly Could be the Coronavirus?

Once there was a merchant ship. On that ship was a black rat. This rat contained a virus that the world had never seen. A flea bit the rat. Then that flea bit a man on the ship. Because of that, it released some of the rat’s blood into his back. When the ship arrived on the shore, the people looked inside and they were horrified. Nearly every person the ship was ground dead. Over the next 9 years that virus that the world had never seen done something totally bad. It wiped out 60% of the entire human rate in Europe.

If a man had this virus, he would die in one of two ways. Either his lungs would liquify and he would cough himself to death. Or he would ooze blood from every pore until his life was drained. If you cared for him during this process, you knew a week later the same thing would be happening to you. In case you sneeze on a girl by accident you had just killed her. If you walked outside, it will see something 100% worse that I don’t like to mention. It didn’t stop for nine years.

How will You Survive?

For your information, I didn’t make up this story. It is the story of bubonic plaque of the 14th century. It was well known as the black death. So, why I am telling you this? Because I want you to understand something to survive. Tiny microbes in just one human can turn the world in living hell. The Spanish flu of 1919 killed more people than the guy who could have started second world war. It includes more than nuclear weapon and terrorism combined. Did you know that? Smallpox killed 300 million people! That is the entire population of the United States.  Plague has actually affected history more than any war. This seem anything any human has ever done. There must be one thing we can be certain of that History repeats itself!

So, as this new coronavirus spreading, we learn that it may be harder to survive. It destroys internal organ and causes lungs to fill with fluid. The victim can be left gasping for air until literally drown to death. In fact, that means we must pay attention to survive. You need the pandemic guide to make you and your family survive. Thus, you will get that in survive coronavirus pandemic guide and nowhere else! I am not saying the coronavirus will appear as next bubonic plague. I am not a prophet for that.

But I am saying that the coronavirus has arrived in the US so it may spread. When you say that coronavirus has come to the US and other country, it doesn’t feel a big deal. It’s because only one to two people have it or Government has it under control. Therefore, now you have to wake up and fell the reality. It only took one flea to nearly wipe out humanity. I get it, I use to think the same way!

What can You Expect From this Pandemic Guide?

When the coronavirus first showed up last year, I use to think the tragedy happening over there. I feel for them, but they were there, and I am here. But as we learn in our global village, there won’t be need to think over there or here.  We appear interwoven and interconnected at many levels. Hence, we can’t escape that fact anymore. If the coronavirus breaking out there it could be breaking out here.

You do know that many things you expect to buy right now is made in China. Even some of our food comes from there. People fly back and forth nearly every day. Did the government stopped flights booking or cargo ship coming from China? People also say that we look like an open door expecting the virus into our society! What about airport life line screenings? What about them? The seem completely pointless! Don’t take it from me, this must be a said Assistant Director General of WHO. I have seen on TV that he told to BBC World Service. He said that the probability you expect something on screening someone is in quite low.

That should be obvious. The coronavirus has 21-day incubation period. Why would we expect that a temperature reading directly after they have left would help anything? The point to expect that a virus doesn’t care about borders. They don’t target on specific person; it will kill all just the same painful and horrifically. People have already died right here; it just not being reported! What is it going to take for you to wake up and realize? Finally, we expect to survive with a focus on coronavirus pandemic guide as a most important thing right now.

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Survive Coronavirus Pandemic Guide
Our existence on this planet appear as jeopardy. The only person in this World can protect you is you! That thing you will learn in our survive coronavirus pandemic guide.
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  • A Coronavirus Pandemic Guide on $37 that can lead you on the way to survive.
  • Contains controversy and imaginary opinions.

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