Best Tactical Flashlight Brightest 80% OFF

$44 $224
Best Tactical Flashlight Brightest 80% OFF
Best Tactical Flashlight Brightest 80% OFF
Best Tactical Flashlight Brightest 80% OFF
$44 $224

The Eagle Eye x700 Tactical Flashlight comprise of Aerospace Aluminum. It can light the way to risk free on 2AA batteries with 700 blinding lumens of light price! This brightest tactical flashlight runs in 5 powerful LED lighting modes for ultimate value. S.O.S, Strobe, Low, Medium, High.

Eagle Eye X700 is a Brightest Performance best Tactical flashlight made from Aluminum. The product is made for all USA customers in order to perform various tasks. This brightest tactical flashlight is designed for operations that seem to be in military grade. It gives almost an eagle eye focus with a new LED electric lamp pattern. Eagle eye allows brightest vision irrespective of the spot or season day.

It seems best tactical flashlight for all. It has reverse polarity protection. The body of the flashlight is aircraft grade aluminum that must be military grade hard anodized finished. The head of the flashlight looks bit large, significantly bigger than the small types. The head also contains strike bezel. The front glass is toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating. It does have ergonomic flutes, heat sinks, and anti-roll feature.

Eagle Eye X700 Features

This brightest Flashlight uses the most advanced LED technology in the market. The Eagle Eye X700 Tactical Flashlight feels lightweight and compact. It mainly features 5 modes with 100k Lamp life line Hours and Aircraft Grade Aluminum. It has a built-in Utility Clip and a Magnetic Base that makes it comfortable to use. This durable and dependable flashlight looks perfect for any situation.

  • 1200 Lumen output seems most brightest Singles LED in Market.
  • Telescoping Focus at 1x-2000x.
  • IP65 Standard waterproof tactical flashlight.
  • Maintain constant brightness via digitally regulated output.
  • Avoids high-temperature of the surface with overheat protection technology.
  • Remote momentary-on tactical tail switch and constant on function.
  • Anti-roll, slip-resistant body design for griping.
  • Comprise of long lasting aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.

An X700 Eagle Eye tactical flashlight has two buttons, one for high light and another for the blink. Remember it does not contain confusing double click feature. You can get turbo lumens that run for mostly 15 minutes. They don’t usually recommend running tactical flashlight under turbo lumens because it might possess a risk for your eye. But it does have benefits when you need high range vision. The best thing is a lower lumen runs for 30 hours continuously. So, that not bad when you are looking over the car or walking around the campsites.

The mid-range lumens run for 2 hours and 15 minutes. When you hit the same button again it goes to high lumens that work for around 45 minutes. The max beam distance looks like 289 meters. You can buy Eagle Eye X700 tactical flashlight and see its best working in some area such as construction road down the hill. As per the various test videos, it really looks brightest.

Brightest Tactical Flashlight Best Buy

People find Eagle Eye X700 brightest Flashlight at $224.00 in retail. But our price is just $44/each. It is exactly an 80% Discount! Plus you have free shipping when you order today! It takes 5-7 business days to ship your order via UPS. They issue your tracking number in your email. Best buy the only brightest tactical flashlight you will ever need a risk free.

  • Purchase 1 Flashlight, Get 1 Free at $89.98 Total = $44.99/each.
  • Get 2 Free on 2 Flashlights purchase at $119.96 Total = $29.99/each.
  • 3 Flashlights free when you buy 3 flashlights at $149.94 Total = $24.99/each.
  • Get 5 Free on 5 flashlight purchase at $229.90 Total at $22.99/each.

You will receive a refund when you don’t completely satisfy with your received product. Compact and lightweight this flashlight is built to take with you anywhere you go. Trusted by the members of armed forces, security guards, it is guaranteed to satisfy your needs.

Eagle Eye Flashlight Benefits

Most crimes happen at night. If someone is in influence of any bad stuffs, they might not be in full attention. As for example when you wake up at night and turn on the light, you might feel stressed on your eyes. It hurts, that what the tactical flashlight does.

When somebody comes to hurt you at night and you just snap your finger that turns on the tactical flashlight. All of a sudden you may see their eyes don’t work for the next 20 seconds. In that case, brightest tactical flashlight feels like a superpower. You probably don’t like to stay in that situation!

This flashlight feels best because you can take it whenever you want. Other tools for defending yourself may not work well. This flashlight is small, easy to use and works well. You can’t take thugs tools in most of the places. But this is a simple tactical flashlight that you can carry at anywhere.

You can fly and walk with this 24/7. It will be always in your hands reach. It has buttons on the back so it’s easy to activate it on direct in other’s face. You don’t need to spin around and look for a button. It so fits in your hand. No one sees it but it’s in your hand.

The front part seems quite a strong build for close hit heavy when necessary. But it may possess risk because you will be in close contact. So, the best option is to get away and do nothing.

10 Total Score

Trusted by Armed Forces members and Now the General Public; Eagle Eye X700 is the best and brightest flashlight for any situation.

  • Long lasting lamp life.
  • Includes high grade LED bulb.
  • Consists of aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Runs in 5 preset modes.
  • Contains telescope zoom in and out focus feature.
  • Beveled edges for real defense.
  • The sale page mentions 75% OFF but it is exactly 80% OFF on buy 1 Flashlight and get 1 free at $44 each.
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