About Us

The two co-founders and best friends Ben and Alexa have developed Best Pay Deals business model. It allowed them to provide Best Buy deals. They work hand-in-hand with manufacturers (this is obviously helped by the fact they live in USA) and then give away some of the services as a free trial to the customer online.

Everything is sold exclusively via this website, which means they can provide best buy deals. They don’t have conventional massive markups that we see that in the online industry. Their business model sounds too simple to work. But their success story is a testament to its’ efficiency.

As one industry insider points out, “Best Pay Deals proves that you don’t need big brand capital to create an amazing brand! They’ve created something special, practically overnight, just by making creative marketing deals and utilizing a smart business model. Everything that they stand for just makes them even more appealing!”

What Includes in Best Buy Deals?

Best buy deals seem sought for buyers especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday season. It depends on the retailer about the discount and deals they offer on their products. In most of the cases, our discounts don’t go less than 50% during all time. However, we do offer higher than that during Christmas and New Year season.

Despite of waiting for Festivals time to get massive discount. We believe that its better to best buy our deals of the day. It is because we offer same types of discounts in every season. It does not matter if it is Black Friday or Cyber Money. You will get best buy deals here at all time.

Members get the most flexible discount as a reward for a best buy. In Best Pay Deals, instead of points system we include cashback as a massive discount in our deals. So, there won’t be any hassle to earn and redeem points cashback system. You get a real deduction is the full price and that goes to 50% in average for all. All members can get maximum cashback during transaction from our website.

Our Cashbacks function could come in 3 different variety such as deals, coupon, and sale. Sale products contains flat discount rates that you pay the same on check out page. Deals can come for a variety of products of one seller that may differ in service and functioning. However, using a coupon code doesn’t seem quite necessary. It is because we already load discount coupon as a promo code in our referral link.

Best Pay Deals